5 super simple, healthy and environment-friendly swaps


    • Many people typically don’t care about the environment.
    • If the environment is ignored for long, it may trigger disasters.
    • Make certain changes for the sake of the environment.

    When it comes to being environment-friendly, the majority of individuals are hardly bothered about it, but fortunately, there are a few who want to do something about it. While they’d like to do more to conserve and protect natural resources, in the majority of the cases, they do not know where to begin. Here are some super simple swaps which would not just allow you to become eco-friendly but also have a positive impact on your health.

    Switch from Air fresheners to baking soda
    Air fresheners contain chemicals which aren’t only bad for our environment but also our health. Did you know that you can make an air freshener with baking soda? Add one tablespoonful of pop in certain water and then store it in a spray bottle. If you’d like you can add a couple of drops of fragrant essential oil to it. You may use this spray mixture to get rid of the filthy smell.

    Switch from Plastic Plates to steel cutlery
    Many men and women prefer to use plastic plates, spoons, and forks so that they do not need to do the dishes in the future, but this habit leads to enormous amounts of wastage. If you truly would like to become an environmental-friendly person, stop using those plastic plates and cutlery and invest in ceramic plates or metallic crockery. Even though you will have to clean them after meals, it will be worth doing that for the sake of the environment.

    Use of paper napkins and towels can be very convenient, but the environment has to pay a hefty price by increasing the number of trees cut down. For that reason, it can be of help to switch over to fabric napkins.

    Switch from household cleaners to vinegar
    Cleaning is supposed to maintain a healthy home, but do you also know that many widely used household cleaning products contain chemicals that may harm the environment? Well, you can certainly help your self and the environment by using something that is chemical free. You may prepare your own chemical free cleaner by adding equal parts of vinegar and water to keep your house clean.

    Switch from synthetic diapers to cloth diapers
    Bet, you didn’t know that even your little one will help save the environment! Diapers are considered significant contributors of landfill waste as an average baby goes through about 8,000 diapers. Therefore, switching to cloth diapers will not only help you save money but also protect the environment. Moreover, it will be better for your baby because cloth diapers do not result in diaper rash, unlike synthetic diapers. You can wash and reuse cloth diapers again.


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